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Грузоперевозки Европа-СНГ
International road transport to Europe-CIS
Международная внешнеэкономическая деятельность
Services in the field of international foreign trade activities
Сертификация и страхование грузов
Products certification and insurance
Склад в Республике Польша
Consolidation of cargos in a warehouse in the Republic of Poland

Why should you trust

us shipping?
Быстрая доставка грузов
We will deliver goods
to the specified point
at a specified time
Контроль за грузом
Will control the
loading of
your cargo
Упаковка и бережное обращение с грузом
We will pack carefully
and transport even
fragile load
Страхование и сертификация грузов
If necessary
insure your
Контроль за грузом
Careful monitoring
for transported
Гибкий подход к каждому клиенту
A flexible touch
to each

Our services
Комлектные грузы
Transportation of balanced issue load by different types of cars with volume from 10 m3 to 120 m3
Грузы с особым температурный режим
Transport of goods with special temperature regime
Перевозка опасных грузов
Transport of dangerous goods
Перевозка негабаритных грузов
Transportation of outsize cargo
Перевозка проектных грузов
'Project' cargo transportation
Перевозка блочных грузов
'Pod-type' load transportation
Перевозка блочных грузов
Consolidated load tranpostation
Своз товара на склад организации в Республике Польша
Dumped goods from different senders in the European Union to the company warehouse in the Republic of Poland
Хранение товара на складе
Storage of goods in a warehouse until a one-time sending by one large car

Services in the field of international

foreign trade activities
Search of foreign producer or the buyer needed the goods or groups of goods
Negotiations with foreign producers
or purchasers in English or in their own language on the client's behalf
Sending commercial queries and reception business proposals from foreign partners, on behalf of client
Negotiating and obtaining alternative business proposals directly from foreign producers
Goods purchase from producer from the European Union and shipping to the customer company
Export customs goods clearance and documents neutralization
Direct international carriage organization purchased through our company goods from Europe to the CIS countries
Custom goods clearance
in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation
Goods certification in Russian Federation
Cargo insurance
Услуги во внешнеэкономической деятельности
География международных автомобильных грузоперевозок
Междунарожные грузоперевозки
Первозка машинами различных габаритов
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