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We aim to form reliable and long-term relationships with partners in the field of international freight. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle your most complex tasks with all requirements.

We are active, accurate and fast!

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Our advantages
We deliver your cargo to the specified point by the specified time
We pack and carefully transport fragile cargo
Insure your shipment if necessary
We control the loading and unloading of your cargo
Flexible approach for each order
Careful control and reporting

Our services

Комплектный груз
Transportation of complete loads by cars of various types from 10 m3 to 120 m3
Температурный груз
Transportation of goods with a special temperature
Опасный груз
Transportation of dangerous goods
Негабаритный груз
Transportation of oversized cargoes
Проектный груз
Transportation of 'project' cargoes
Блочный груз
Transportation of 'block' goods
Сборный груз
Transportation of modular cargoes
Своз товаров в Польшу
Delivery of goods from various consignors in the European Union to the warehouse of an organization in the Republic of Poland
Хранение товаров
Storage of goods in a warehouse until the moment of one-time shipment by one car
Services we offer will contribute to yuor dynavic development and bring you hight-quality results!
Services in the field of international foreign economic activity
  • Customs clearance of goods in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation;
  • Certification of goods in the Russian Federation;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Search for a foreign manufacturer, or buyer of the necessary goods, or group of goods;
  • Negotiating with foreign manufacturers, either in English or in their language on behalf of the client;
  • Sending commercial requests and receiving commercial offers from foreign partners on behalf of a client;
  • Negotiating and receiving alternative commercial offers directly from a foreign manufacturer;
  • Purchase of goods from a foreign manufacturer from the European Union and shipment of goods for the client’s company;
  • Export customs clearance of goods and neutralization of documents;

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our company in numbers
We work in 46 countries
More than 2000 carrier partners
More than 700 monthly downloads
Deployed network of partners in 4 - x countries of the world: Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus
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